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Instagram Promotion

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    What Is Instagram Promotion ?

    Instagram Promotions are regular, non-advertisement posts that a user would want to convert to a sponsored post, with elevated reach. The ‘Sponsored’ tag may appear in the same place, but Instagram treats these posts differently with their algorithm. Every user will have a different motivation and so the algorithm will do its best to correspond to those nuances.

    Both ads and promotions are there to increase engagement and visibility. But an ad is best for conversion as it offers way more preferences for targeting.A promotion takes a high performing post and turns it up a notch. It takes it to the next level regarding engagement — ramping up likes, views, shares, and more.

    Instagram ads are great tools to convert potential customers to repeat ones. Sometimes, your goals may not demand a full blown ad campaign. If you’re more in need of brand awareness, launching an entire campaign may turn out to be a waste of time and money. This is where Instagram Promotion comes in.

    Use them to turn a previous post into a sponsored one to extend your reach. If your objective is high visibility, promotions are your answer. Keep in mind, the algorithms of most social media platforms work on a virality factor. So the faster your posts get off the ground, the higher the ranking the algorithm puts you in the feed.

    How do Instagram Promotions work?

    • The great thing about Instagram Promotions is that they can be done directly from your phone. With ads you need to be in the Ads Manager to create your campaign.
    • This is the Facebook Ads Manager. Important — if you want to use Instagram ads and Instagram Promotions, you do need an Instagram business profile.
    • If you’re promoting you can do it from the app, and simply switch to a business profile in settings. But if you want to use Instagram ads, you’ll need to be connected to that Facebook business page.

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